Wifi solar

Unha empresa chamada Meraki ven de presentar un repetidor wifi baseado na enerxia solar cun prezo sorprendente: 99 dolares. A idea do trebello e compartir accesos a internet de banda ancha nunha comunidade. Tendo un destes repetidores en cada extremo da conexion, podense facer ligazons de ata 25km (sempre que a orografia o permita). O repetidor leva software que permite controlar os accesos, e establecer niveis de trafico disponible, asi como un avanzado sistema de control enerxetico que lle permite reducir o consumo en funcion das necesidades. Tanto a caixa coma os demais elementos estan pensados para sobrevivir no exterior. Xa non temos excusa para estar na Rede, na aldea. Mais informacion: Meraki

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  5. Clopine, la comparaison m’échappe. Le barrage, c’était pour désaler le sol et le rendre cultivable. Vous mythologisez. Ce qui est significatif, ici, c’est la vaine obstination, et l’absence de lucidité. Cela ressemble d’ailleurs plutôt à l’obstination des Français à vouloir créer un Etat majeur et de premier plan : cela coûte cher, et ne sert qu’à broyer du noir.

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  9. You’re kidding right? He was a useless fool. All of his private goals, from investing in stocks (he was cleaned out) and trying to get a job working for the rail department he was unable to do so. Despite being totally useless, he decided to develop an economic system in which unelected bureaucrats would micromanage every single aspect of the economy. A task impossible by design, yet given his sheer ignorance and inexperience, he was unable to comprehend how impossible it was.

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  11. It's an honor to know you and to pray for you and your sweet baby girl. So sorry you are going through this terrible time. Hang in there… many are lifting your arms.The Lord knew that Abby needed special parents. She needed ones who would persevere and never give up no matter how stinkin' tough it gets.Praying for healing and rest and peace and comfort and provision.Much love,Amy

  12. To be fair, I think it would be more the opposite to this one (i.e. “being overtly polite in a fake way”) that should be in a cultural blog about Americans. When I was studying in the U.S. most foreign students from Europe, no matter the country, found it very artificial and kind of annoying.

  13. I am very excited about the plan to add a stop at San Mateo. I believe many Genentech employees living in Foster City will start taking advantage of this convenience. The proposed departure times are either too early or too late. Is it possible to add a bus between 8 and 8:30am? Also the return bus that leaves at 5:06PM can leave a bit earlier than 5:06PM, say 4:50PM? The traffic gets much worse once it passes 5PM. Again thanks for making this wonderful gene bus service available to FC-SM residents.

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  20. So many favorites! I love Sharon Montrose’s Flamingo (for me – to hang in my bland bathroom and motivate me to make it more lovely in there) and also Stuart Clipper’s Monteverde Cloud Forest. It reminds me of the jungle at the begining of Raiders of the Lost Ark. I’d give that one to my husband, so I could feel generous and still get to keep it in my home.Thanks for the chance at winning!

  21. thô> merci mais je ne peux pas accepter.(je devrais aller dormir au lieu de répondre n’importe quoi)pierrick> le morceau de thô n’est pas sur le croquis (je t’aide là) merci…et oui tu as mille fois raison pour le baton qui colle à la porte du fond…(ne cherchez pas de double sens à cette phrase svp)quant au tri ça vient du format et des quelques règles qu’on s’était imposées…scoffoni> aaah j’adore quand tu passes, mercifak> waah hey merci 🙂

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  25. Steve, I would remove that very nice picture of you with the red tie (though it shows you should run for office). The mystery of you (who is this genius? what does he look like?) is part of your allure. Take it down. And it opens the door for more ad hominem attacks by PC thugs.I agree. Take the picture down. Only give out a picture if a person asks you Mr. Sailer.PC Thugs will hunt you down even more. Isn't a name enough?

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  27. "The five star rating didn't work so well"? You kidding me? You think we can't use any common sense? I challenge you to make one fair, unbiased poll where the majority of people actually like a single one of these new changes you've brought in. I haven't talked to one person who liked them, we are all grieving as the utility, accessibility, and intelligence of the site gets graded down. And don't give me any bullshit about bandwidth, either. Why are you doing this, youtube?

  28. Analysis of the problem: politicians always trying to encourage consumption (It’s good for the economy!) at the expense of investment (it’s good for the economy too, but if you encourage investment you seems boring and stodgy). Politicians should concentrate on removing unnecessary regulations, starting with the ones that cost business the most.

  29. In theory, I try to be grateful for the days I have an under-the-weather boy colouring on my studio floor or a sudden week off. But I do look forward to the return to routine! Once in a while I’ll say ‘I have some work to finish, just give me an hour’, and they are usually really good… but not always!

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  40. Good morning to you, too! I love that last picture of Magic with the brassiere! I can't believe the progress he's been making just in the few months I've been hanging around here, it's very cool. It's getting to be a habit, you running through the neighborhood half clothed, isn't it?;)It's rainy/cloudy here today, and I've decided that it's going to be a good day. I've joined a writer's project, I've been working on one of my design team projects, and I'm feeling quite creative!OSS, glad your mom's OK. That's rather scary.Sally, hope your dad is on the mend soon!

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  43. This article makes a great point…I wonder how many hours of content from Fancast would put you at the 250GB limit? Especially if (and I assume they will) there’s content in HD.Also some sites have labeled it as a competitor to Hulu, though it appears much of their current content is actually coming from Hulu.

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  45. Businesses are a sight better than the US Govt. There's very little difference between the two.For every Gates in tech, there's a hardcore libertarian like TJ Rodgers. No, there is not. Tech is crawling with lefties. You might as well say "For every Barney Frank in Congress there's a Jim DeMint". As with business so it is wth Congress – the bad guys greatly outnumber the good.

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  49. Audi I think Garden Box 110 is a great box. It might night be dead-center but you are very close to the stage and it is on the aisle. I personally do not mind being off to the side. I’ve had seats on both far-left and far-right. Here is a view to help you decide if the box is for you. Enjoy Wilco!

  50. Qui est ce monsieur ? Actuellement, gouverneur de la Banque d’Italie. C’est aussi l’ancien vice-président de 2001 à 2005 pour l’Europe de Goldman-Sachs. Rappelons que Goldman-Sachs a aidé en 2001 et 2002, le gouvernement grec de C. Karamenlis (droite) à dissimuler plusieurs dizaines de milliards d’euros d’emprunts d’État, pour une commission de quelques centaines de millions d’euros. Mais Mario Draghi assure qu’il n’était pas au courant !

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